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Case No.GenderAgeCytogenomic findingsMajor clinical featureInheritance
cRC-6-00028male0mos 46,XY,r(6)[14]/46,XY,r(6)var[1]/45,XY,-6[15], arr 6p25.3p25.2(255350_2680637)x1,6q26q27(163050344_170890108)x1increased risk for down syndrome by prenatal screening, microcephalyde novo
cRC-14-00046male046,XY,r(14)pregnancy termination n/a
cRC-15-00105female0mos 46,XX,r(15)(p13q26)[111]/45,XX,-15[7]increased risk for down syndrome by prenatal screening, ultrasound showed hypoplasia of the cerebellum and hydrops fetalisn/a
cRC-15-00106male046,XY,r(15)(p13q26)fetus with increased nuchal fold, intrauterine growth restrictionDe novo
cRC-18-00000male0mos 46,XY,r(18)(p11.21q21.2)[81]/46,XY,idic r(18)/45,XY,-18[3]/46,XY[13], arr 18p11.32p11.21(0_14941330)x1,18q21.2q23(46533430_76117153)x1ventriculomegaly by ultrasound, microcephaly, dysmorphic facial features, simian crease, broad hands, tapered fingers, clubfeet, micropenis, hypotonia, ventricular septal defectn/a
cRC-13-00101male0Amniocytes: mos 46,XY,r(13)[50]/45,XY,-13[23]; FISH: r(13):-13:idic r(13) as 85%:13%:2%; arr[hg19] 13q34(110944977_115169878)×1; cord blood: mos 46,XY,r(13)[91]/46,XY,idic r(13)[6]/45,XY,-13[3]; POC: mos 46,XY,mar(13)[31]/45,XY,-13[3]; arr 13q13.3q34(37360000_115170000)x1maternal anxiety, down syndrome risk of 1/650 derived from second-trimester maternal serum screening De novo
cRC-13-00103female0mos 46,XX,r(13)(p11q32)[17]/45,XX,-13[5]prenatal ultrasound: intrauterine growth restriction, anencephaly, termination of pregnancyDe novo
cRC-21-00109male0mos 46,XY,r(21)[15]/45,XY,-21[5], arr 21q21.1q21.2(21495262_23580815)x1,21q22.3(41887412_46914715)x1abnormal prenatal ultrasound findings: intrauterine growth restriction, dolichocephaly, prominent forehead and nasal bridge, micrognathia, termination of pregnancyDe novo
cRC-22-00110male046,XY,r(22)(p13q13)borderline ventriculomegaly by ultrasound, termination of pregnancy, stillborn fetus with no phenotypic abnormalitiesn/a
cRC-22-00111female0mos 46,XX,r(22)(p13q13.31)[82]/46,XX,idic r(22)[11]/45,XX-22[7]ultrasound showed small for gestational age, ventricular septal defect, termination of pregnancyn/a

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Figure.2 The gender distribution ring chromosome case(s) of "amniotic fluid"

Figure.3 The age distribution of ring chromosome cases associated with " amniotic fluid ".
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